11 rules of successful profile. Recommendations for men

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Attract her attention, make your profile outstanding, so she couldn’t pass it when it comes to adult dating. Make it original, for example, add a interesting text or upload a cool photo. 

Don’t write banal and boring stuff, instead of it tell about your main advantages and features that will help her to choose you and only you. All women are curious so you use it and make her be interested in you. 

When you decide to message her, think what you want to write. If you are a romantic guy, devote a little poem to her, and if writing poems is not yours, make many compliments. Women like nice words and phrases about their beauty and mind. 

It will be better if you use a sense of humour. But your humour must be easy and funny not to hurt her or discourage her. 

Humour is useful but don’t forget about grammar! You already finished school so write in a right way. It’s not cool for a man to make mistakes in spelling. 

Don’t put everything out at once leave something to tell later. Let there be a little intrigue. This will you to make her more interested in you. 

Never get rude, you are a gentleman all in all!

Be reserved, tame your sexuality even if her photo is too lewd. If you push too hard you can lose her. 

Don’t lie, everything will be revealed in the end. So truth and only truth. 

Try not to shorten words and don’t use Internet lingo otherwise the girl won’t understand what you talking about.

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