9 ways to seduce a man

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This is an axiom: a man can’t resist magic of a beautiful woman. But everybody has different definitions of beauty.

Still with our recommendations you will seduce any man!

Make him fantasize!

However strange it sounds but men are seduced by a clue for something more. It considers a woman who wears a short but too short skirt. For example a girl whose bra strap or a stocking can be seen is more attractive than a girl whose clothes looks more like a bra and a belt than a skirt.

Don’t conceal that you like sex!

There’s nothing bad in enjoying sex and there is nothing more attractive for a man than a girl who can admit it.

Many young men are obsessed with sex, that’s why a sincere girl is interesting for any man.

Be self-confident

They say a man’s dream is having a subordinate woman who runs to him as he calls her. Actually the most of the men prefer that their girlfriends could take care of themselves. They like girls who believe in themselves and say their opinions.

And those who should be care all the time are quite exhausting.

Speak sincerely

They like it when women says some lewd things! To listen to a woman speaking about what she want to do in a bed is a real dream of many men.

Love your body

They get attracted by beautiful breasts and a tight ass. But the value of a woman becomes higher if she appreciates what she has and has no fear to show it. It’s difficult to fall in love with a girl who is ashamed of her body. And the one who likes herself will definitely attract a man’s attention.

Be witty

A woman who can be funny is attractive and doesn’t look unapproachable. Men like witty girls: she can make a joke and react it properly. A sense of humour brings lightness into relations. So learn to tell funny stories!

Add some madness!

Energetic women who are ready to accept something new always attract men. Show him that you are free of prejudices and he will dream of you! A thought “she can be interesting in sex” will bother him.

Tell him that you are not ready for serious relations!

Men want to think that not all women need obligations. So let them think that you can be involved in occasional relations without any affection. An independent woman is autonomous and ready for entertainment!

Look like a girl from Playboy!

We all like to fantasize, don’t we? Men know that most women don’t look like Pamela Anderson and still they dream of having sex with somebody who looks like her. And the matter is not in her boobs, the matter is in your eyes! And the previous 8 points.

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