He couldn’t do it today…

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You are so sure in your beauty and he… just can’t have sex with you. Don’t lose your self-confidence! And of course don’t think that he is an impotent.

He doesn’t refuse to have sex, he just can’t do it. Such things happen. Your task is to understand why it happened. But asking him many questions is not the best idea. Just behave like everything is good and don’t concentrate on this nuisance. And then read about possible reasons and check your situation with them.

Sometimes it can happen because of medicaments. Even the most simple pills can play such a joke. Try remember, maybe he had a headache today or had to take anti-allergic pills. Dimedrol if one takes it for more than 10 days can prevent a man to have sex with you.

Maybe he is tired. What do you what from him if he had to work all day? And he didn’t refuse, because he loves you. And what man will confess that can’t do it today? Still it can happen and congratulations: he completely trusts you.

Too active holiday

If there was too much wine, it’s not surprising that is not in a mood even the next day. And it doesn’t take much alcohol, sometimes even a glass of champagne can end up in this.


He has a nervous director and fussy employees? Say hello to them. In today’s problems it’s them who are guilty.

They are now in his head demanding promotion, making their salaries higher or a report that must have been ready yesterday.


Not all men get excited by a possibility to have sex in a car or in a dressing room. Even presence of parents behind a wall can destroy the mood.

Some significant situation. It’s the most difficult thing to riddle. But you should try. Maybe you did or said something, that made some bad memories. You’ll have to analyze why everything went wrong today. Or ask him, but later. Or you have risk to fixate this anchor even harder.

Your first date

Yes, your first date. The simplest case. He is just too worried. Later it will be better, you’ll see. Just let him understand that you don’t doubt in him.

You find something similar? Bingo! Now you can easily protect yourself and him from bad feelings. The most important things are tenderness and understanding. And then a little nuisance won’t become a problem. And you will raise your status in his eyes. Because you didn’t make a tragedy of this trifle.

Suddenly it happened again? This is the reason to think. Look at him close, often such problems appear because of troubles with health.

You are into prolonged sexual acts and everything was fine but now failures started to appear? Time for alert. Frequent failures can witness that cavernosal tissue of his organ is not elastic anymore. If you don’t visit the doctor in time, you can have serious problems.

Still don’t fear of all this stories. We just want both of you to be happy. 

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