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Hardcore porn, sex with handcuffs, threesome – today you won’t read about it in our article. Still our advices will be useful for those who is going abroad.

Having come back from vacation you find yourself with a broken heart. Who is he? Japanese, italian or an englishman? How did he seduce you? Today we speak about different secrets of sexuality according to nations.


You’ll get quite traditional sex. He is full of dignity. And you are satisfied with it, but still it feels quite boring. And there not gonna be much passion. And also you can find that your English gentleman has some funny deviation, like he likes trying on female panties or watching a movie “Gone with the wind” while having sex.

Marriage prospects

They exist, but you’ll have to get rid off all english stereotypes and buy more string for your future husband.


It’s gonna be nice, stylish and male. Of course you are lucky if the guy is from Hollywood where there are many good examples of great sexual behaviour. You close your eyes and understand he behaves like Johnny Depp, than Brad Pitt and others.

Marriage prospects

Watch movies and do like they like famous actresses. Maybe later you’ll get married and you life becomes a movie.


At first he will use classic seduction tools: a burning looks with a hot supper – is a must. If he starts singing for you remember that introduction period can take a long time. So don’t be shy and you won’t regret it. But in the morning he won’t pay much attention at you.

Marriage prospects

If you make fall in love with you, it’s great, but you’ll have to make feel love for you all his large family.


A great example of quality and style. Speaking about sex – always good and fast. But always great and fast. After six or seven nights you’ll start comparing yourself with a rabbit. Germans are not romantic, but quite sentimental.

Marriage prospects

Really high chances. But you’ll have to learn cooking sausages.


They are always compared with italians but it’s not correct. Spaniards are too quick thay don’t waste time on long introductions.

If you meet each other in the morning, you’ll go to bed together in the midday. Or maybe not into a bed. Together you will try sex in as many different places as possible.

Marriage prospects

If he didn’t invite you home, maybe he doesn’t have it at all. So learn as much as possible about him and only then start thinking about marriage.


He balances between  perversion and elegance. He will torture you softly in a bed, but caress you out of it. In general it will be really great.

Marriage prospects

If you are good with a slight touch of narcissism, get in. He can make proposal easily. But after a couple of months he can divorce with you easily too.


Passionate and romantic and. He likes to make surprises. Still a lazy guy and during sex he thinks only about his own pleasure. Still a mysterious Russian spirit.

Marriage prospects

Spirituality is the most important thing here. Of course you must know how to cook and his mother must like you.

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