How to say no to sex

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Men are great sex-manipulators. How can you weasel out of sex if you don’t want, but it’s not polite to refuse? A man who is more interested in manipulations and not in good relations will try to make you feel guilty just for making situations more useful for him. It doesn’t mean that he is mean and always try to cheat poor girls. Maybe it is just his character. Just listen to your feelings and don’t leave any chance to the manipulator.


Your new friend is so unhappy and he needs somebody to be with him. His previous girlfriend broke his heart. He doesn’t believe anybody but he will be glad if you try to prove everything is all right. For example if you have sex with him. You will say no 10 times and on the 11th you’ll agree because you’re tired to explain why you don’t want to do it.

Or maybe you boyfriend says after you refuse that he is going to take a shower or he can’t sleep. Of course you will take care about your lovebunny and finish your work after he goes to sleep satisfied. Remember that adult people know how to agree and stick to their agreements.

I dare you

He sweet-talks you without any shyness and you are relaxed and listen to him. He speaks compliments about your beauty, desirability.

Seeing a big mirror he embraces you and say: “Together we look really great. I don’t believe that such an open-minded girl can refuse sex at first date”. He even can get offended if you ask him not to raise this subject again and behave like he didn’t even think about it.

Still don’t let him confuse you. It’s necessary to train saying no.


This man demonstrates so-called lack of action. He is interested and you force him to take your telephone number. Then he suggests dating, and you’ll have to continue the process in your hands. He will be nice and passionate but still kisses you in a cheek and nothing more/ After all of this you’ll think that is not necessary to continue the communication but he will proceed keeping you interest in him alive. Even if you sleep together he won’t do anything and you’ll have to prove that you are a normal girl. This is what he needs – to put all the responsibility on you. So you’ll be guilty in everything then.

Too old friend

You are friends for many years and understand each other easily. All his girlfriends hate you because you spend too much time together. You never thought about him as a sexual object, and nevertheless nobody can guarantee that he has the same opinion.

Once he comes to you when you are alone and says that this must happen sometimes. After such “act of help” you feel like in a childhood after playing a doctor with a boy: it’s embarassing and you don’t want to be friends with him any more.

Isn’t it too hot?

You are together for quite a long time and you noticed that he gives clues about having sex with you and one more girl.

He looks disappointed when you refuse speaking about swing-parties and etc. And he also becomes boring and sad in a bed.If you are ready for experiments that’s great.

But suggest him a game: first you both do what you want. For example many men who want to have sex with two girls are quite indifferent to the idea of inviting one more man to spend time together with their girlfriends.

Again: sex is a voluntary act! We support honest relations and manipulators should get lost.

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